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Chaandi Rivaaz

Beautiful Triple Layered Designer Necklace set

Beautiful Triple Layered Designer Necklace set

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­Base material – Crafted from a copper-based alloy

Plated -  White / Rhodium

Stone­ -  CZ, Diamonds and Imitation stones,

Finish – Embellished and Beautiful

Box Contains – Unveil a breathtaking Diamond look beautiful triple layered Neck piece studded with Red stones, Emerald-green, and Sapphire with a pair of earrings studded with different coloured stones same as Necklace set completes a Royal ensemble.

Appearance  and look  ­–  Push and Elegant

Available Color –  Red , Emerald ,Sapphire

 Jewellery Look and Type – This High-quality Real Diamond look set effortlessly blends modern and elegant aesthetics

Best Dressed with ­–   Categorized as a necklace set, it's the perfect accessory for both modern outfits , enhancing your style for any occasion.

Elevate your style, celebrate your grace, and embrace the luxurious allure of the Sheena’s Triple Layered Designer Necklace set from "Chaandi Rivaaz." It's not just jewelry; it's a symbol of your connection to elegance and grandeur.


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